Composite Doors – including Fire Doors


Composite doors are defined as a combination of PVC door outerframe with a door leaf of standard 44mm thickness made out of a range of materials from wood to metal and GRP.

This combination of materials can often give specifiers more choice in areas such as appearance, economy, strength or specialist performance such as disabled access, fire resistance, high security or thermal and water performance.

The Sheerframe door framing system is a speciality suite of profiles designed to work with all types of 44mm non-rebated door leaf.

The outerframe profiles are thermally enhanced and come with a superior triple sealing system, making them more weather-tight and durable than traditional doors made solely from metal or wood.

Importantly, the Sheerframe door system has been tested and approved for 30 minute fire resistance to BS 476 : Part 22 (Chiltern International Report FER/FO 7024).

This fire performance approval covers doors with sidelights and includes: glazed door-blades and glazed sidelights.

This speciality fire performance is unique to the Sheerframe range.